About Thea

thea nicholasThea has been practicing yoga for 10 years, taking classes and workshops around the Midwest. She became a yoga instructor to better understand how body/mind/spirit connections make for a joyous outlook on life. Thea encourages her students to look at all aspects of yoga—to go beyond the poses, offering meditation, mindfulness and breathwork, and a bit of philosophy as basic parts of her classes. She is honored to sit in the seat of the teacher and grateful for all that her students teach her.

Thea offers a joyous, happy, fun-filled style of yoga focusing on non-competitive, supportive, well-aligned asanas, quiet moments of reflection and always a personal touch.

Thea is certified as a Storytime Yoga for Children Teacher, completing a 60-hour training with the founder of Storytime Yoga for Children, Sydney Solis. She teaches pre-K through 6th graders in local schools and a local yoga studio. Thea has been a practicing professional storyteller for a number of years and also offers art-filled opportunities for a fuller expression of children’s lives.

Her motto is: Be Alert! Be Alive! Be Aglow! Be Aware!